small group



Creating a focused environment is often the first battle won by successful Small Groups. 


  • Childcare resources: Grace has funds allocated for families with young children to receive reimbursements for Childcare. Typically $50 per month. Contact Erica with questions.
  • The "Meal and Split": Each week, bring the whole family. After visiting and sharing a meal together, teach the older kids to lead the younger kids in games while the adults dive-in. 
  • Alternating Sessions: Week 1-Guys meet | Week 2- Girls meet | Week 3- Family Session | Week 4- Get a babysitter
  • Video Time: As much as the church supports healthy, face to face interactions, it is ok to put on Veggie Tales or Shawn the Sheep for 90 minutes while the adults settle-in and talk.

Small Groups should value connection with God and others by creating space for it. 

Follow the Sermon

Each week, our pastor works to prepare a message that applies to our lives and our times. 

We encourage you to take advantage of this resource by intentionally investing in some practices.

  • Take notes with Small Group discussion in mind.
  • Collectively review the sermon's main points.
  • Share how the Holy Spirit is using the sermon and scriptures to draw you closer to Christ.
  • Commit to being great facilitators. Ask intentional follow-up questions, offer tangible support, laugh and pray for one another during group.
  • Openly discuss what healthy spiritual growth looks like. Give weekly opportunities to celebrate how God is breaking strongholds in your lives.

Timeless questions

Great Small Group leaders learn to effectively use scripture, prayer and timeless questions. Drawing your group towards a deeper faith often includes training your members to listen sincerely, ask tactful questions and vulnerably share how God is working in their life.


  • What's been dominating your thoughts lately?
  • What has God been doing in your life through scripture this week?
  • Where has the Holy Spirit been convicting you? ...and how does the cross address this conviction?
  • What evidence of God's grace has encouraged you this week?
  • Where are you struggling this week? ...what would it look like for our community to support you?
  • What do you think healthy growth would look like in this?
  • What verses is God using to break strongholds in your life?
  • Where should you be letting others into your life?
  • How can we pray for you (and then pray for them).

Recommended books

"Get Wisdom. Though it cost all you have, get understanding." Proverbs 4:7

Work with your Small Group Coach to identify and use the vast resources at our disposal to effectively shepherd your group. 

Studies + Resources

  • The Bible - There is no substitute for time in scripture. We recommend that if you do a book study as a group, you come back to a book of the Bible in the following season.
  • Rooted - An intensive 10 week discipleship program that is sure to challenge and grow the group. You can do Rooted more than once.
  • Biblical Training by Bill Mounce
  • Bible Project Videos - Well rounded, approachable and thoughtful summaries of Biblical books as well as major themes in scripture.
  • Crazy Love by Francis Chan - Study Guide.
  • Beth Moore - Her studies are a great tool.