rooted testimonies

Dee Happel:

Rooted is exhilarating, took me to a wonderful place to evaluate my life in a positive manner and reconnect with God. Assured me that my Lord and Savior loves me very much and that my place in here in the body of Christ. We are all so valuable. 

Elizabeth Morris:

I have been a follower of Jesus my entire life but participating in Rooted allowed me to encounter God in a new and exciting way. I have always known that He loved me, but Rooted presented God’s love and His story of redemption in a new profound way. I was amazed at the depth of our small group sharing and relationships. It was a special blessing to be able to participate in Rooted with my husband, sharing in each others’ journaling and praying together. I am very thankful I participated in the Rooted experience!

Jim Connolly:

The Rooted Experience challenged me in so many areas; prayer, bible reading, witnessing, repentance, tithing as well as serving others and changed my heart to attain a much deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  The group setting with my other brothers and sister’s encouragement allowed me the support and accountability to make Rooted a life altering experience.

Crystal Ramsey:

Participating in Rooted was spiritually and relationally enriching for me. I formed new connections and gained tools and insights to develop and grow in my walk with The Lord.

Peter Rauen:

Rooted was an experience that fanned into flame again the gift of God which is in me through the laying on of hands, personal prayer, words of affirmation, and refreshment in the doctrines and teachings of Christ drawing me closer to Jesus.  Rooted reminded me of the importance to be connected relationally to the Body of Christ overflowing to be missional-minded to those outside of Christ. 

Dave Portin: 

I grew up in the church, have attended discipleship training and read the Bible - so my expectations were low when I signed up for Rooted. Wow, was I wrong! Every week a basic principle of the Christian walk was illuminated in a fresh and inspiring way. It was life changing.

Jenne Portin:

Rooted brought fellowship, forgiveness and freedom in a loving and safe environment. The Lord brought me back from my hesitancy and stirred in me a desire to become more fully active once again in the church community.

Katherine Courtney:
In my Prayer Experience three times I saw the Holy Spirit touching the heads of those that were praying. While in prayer I became so taken that I did not hear everyone else leave the room. The whole experience was a self developing, learning, communing time. I believe that I made some life long relationships. I thought it was going to be bible study but it was better in a different way. 

Joan and Carl Keels:

My husband and I decided to become involved with Rooted as a way of becoming more connected with God and grow in our deeper spiritual connection. We were matched with a great group of people from our church which we have become very close to and now are some of our closest friends. We decided to continue our group as an ongoing bible study, with the majority of us from our original group continuing. We meet every other Sunday for bible study and rotate leadership around 5 of us, meeting at different members homes. We pray for one another continually and share our issues and concerns. We have made every effort to maintain the format that rooted demonstrated and also serve the public with charitable efforts. Occasionally we also meet outside of our bible study to just have social gatherings in the form of BBQ at our hones. It’s been the best way to stay more connected with our church and  God which was our reason to pursue Rooted. Rooted is a concentrated course that gives much insight into Gods teachings.

June Cobean:

I walked into my Rooted group as a stranger.  I came out, not only having new friends of faith, but a renewed commitment to my purpose in striving to live for Him. 

Kim Waller:

Rooted has been a wonderful way to get to know other women who love the Lord.

It has been nothing but a blessing to get to know other women beyond the “how are you –“fine” stage.

It opened windows of love, fears and tears, revealing tender hearts who hunger and thirst for the same thing I do- to get to know the Lord better. It has been a blessing to attend. Its all about getting to know Jesus better.

Suzanne Goodwald:

My faith has been activated! My faith has overtaken my fear. I have a rhythm which is Christ in me and the faith which He gives strengthens me. I am so thankful for Rooted!