The good news

Everyone is on their own journey of faith, and those who come to Grace Church may be just starting the journey or have been on it for many years. The first next step in a journey of faith is salvation; from there we invite you to "go public" with your faith in baptism. Perhaps you have already done this and are just coming to Grace Church for the first time. Your next step is Rooted. From there, we invite you to get connected with other believers and grow in your faith with Groups & serving. 


Salvation is an exchange - our sins for new life in Christ. By receiving Christ as our Savior, we are saying that we believe that we are sinners in need of a Savior, that Christ died for our sins and was resurrected, and that we now have new life in Him. One day we will join our Savior in heaven with all who have experienced this exchange. Salvation is totally an act of God’s grace that is accessed through faith in Jesus Christ. No person can be good enough to earn salvation, and “being good” does not contribute to receiving God’s love and favor. Let us know you have said yes to Jesus!


Tell someone about your decision to follow Christ. This is also a good time to be baptized. Water Baptism is an outward expression of an inward commitment to Christ. Water Baptism represents us dying to our old life as we go under the water and being raised up new in Christ.  Click here to sign up for the next baptism opportunity.

Groups + Discipleship

Connect with other believers for friendship, encouragement, and accountablility. Take the next step in your walk with Christ. Connect with a mentor or join a study.


Use your gifts for God. There are many ways to serve at Grace Church, in our community, and worldwide to help others come to know Jesus.