As we go through the sermon series, Kingdoms, 

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small group questions

  1. If you were a slave reading this letter, how would this section make you feel? Why?

  2. What about if you were a master?

  3. This is a verse that has historically been used to both condone and condemn slavery. How does the rest of the Bible lead to an interpretation of this text that condemns slavery?

  4. While slavery still exists in the world, outright slavery isn’t a dynamic we often encounter where we live. That being said, abusive power dynamics between people are present everywhere. What is a power dynamic in our culture you could see Paul writing about if he were to write a letter to the church today?
Leadership Resources for Small Group Discussion
  • Beauty - Congratulations vs consumption

  • Love

  • Possession - Joy vs selfishness

  • Joy

  • Conflict - Good Samaritan vs entertainment

  • Peace

  • Pleasure - Endurance vs binging

  • Patience

  • Attention - Honor vs Jealousy

  • Kindness

  • Success - Servant Leadership vs Ladder climbing

  • Goodness

  • My Rights! - Unshakable vs unreliable

  • Faithfulness

  • Efficiency - Honor vs using people

  • Gentleness

  • My way right-away - Aged wine vs Sugar high

  • Self Control

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