Small group resources

Leader preparation! 

  1. Take some time to look over these questions ahead of time. Choose the ones that you want to make sure you cover with your group. We have highlighted what we think are key ideas/questions by holding them.

  2. Pray as you prepare for your time together. Praying for your group might just be one of the most important things you do for your group!

  3. Try to start your Small Group by getting everyone to talk at least once (that’s what the opening question is for!) When in doubt, have people share stories about their past. (A high and low from the week,  favorite memories about the topic for the day, etc). This is also a great natural way for your group to get to know each other more deeply. 

  4. Next, read through and wrestle with the Scriptures together. This is where the bulk of your discussion will be focused. Your job here is not to give good answers, it’s to ask good questions. People learn best when they come to the conclusions on their own!
    God’s word is the clearest revelation of God to humanity, and it has profound wisdom for today. Get people into the Scriptures and the Scriptures into people!

  5. Finally, end with some hands-on application. We don’t just want to be hearers of the word, we want to be doers of the word, and that takes a gameplan. 


  • Long Obedience in the same direction- Book or Bible Study (6 weeks)


Spiritual Formation

  • Ruthless Elimination of Hurry-Un-hurry Guide *

  • With- Reimagining the way you relate to God

  • Praying like Monks- living like fools

Biblical Foundation/Theology