serve locally

At Grace Church we want to take on the posture of servants and ambassadors of Christ right here where we work, live, and play. We seek to engage our community and culture in ways that reflect the life and love of Christ. We move together in tangible loving acts of service. We believe that we need to activate the gifts and talents of Grace Church to make a positive and restorative impact on the lonely and hurting in our community! For more information about serving locally contact Annette McCabe.

Local Serving Opportunities

Thinking about getting involved in local outreach? Here are things we can do together  For more information contact Annette McCabe.

Refugee Buddy

Did you know 100 refugees are resettled in Vancouver each year? Refugees need a helping hand to adjust and get to know their new host culture. Volunteering could involve adopting a family and helping drive them to initial appointments or joining a women's conversational English group (children welcome, these families have young children). This is an amazing opportunity to teach your family about other cultures and help people find their new home away from home. 

Camas Giving Garden

Community Garden located across the street from Grace Church.  See more information below.

Backpack Home Project

Each week in Camas there are about 110 children who do not have sufficient food at home on the weekends because the only meals they receive are breakfast and lunch at school. Backpack home project sends these students home with a backpack full of easy-prep kid friendly foods. Volunteers are needed Wednesday afternoons to stuff the backpacks and Thursday to deliver the backpacks to schools. Food donations are always greatly needed, please contact for a list of needed items.

Visiting the Elderly

Many people in local nursing homes do not receive visits from family. You can be a part of a group who adopts an elderly person and visits them on a regular basis. This is a great activity to do with young kids.

Juvenile Mentoring

Many youth who commit crimes do so because of a lack of adult involvement in their lives. Having an adult who cares can make all the difference for a youth who wants to make a change. Men or couples who want to mentor together are needed to mentor young men in juvenile detention. This involves a monthly commitment to mentoring a young juvenile offender for the last 3-8 months he is in detention and then continuing visits after his re-entry into the community. These are young men who lack role models, huge potential to make a difference! 

Office Moms and Dads

When children are first taken into protective services they scared and alone. Their social workers must be on the phones to try to find a foster placement for them. The Office Moms and Dads group receives a group text when children will be coming into the office and whoever in available goes to play with and comfort the children so their social worker can focus on finding a placement. This ministry is completely flexible based on your schedule, you can accept or decline each time you receive a text.

Foster Parent Night Out

Foster parents do a hard job with limited breaks. Become part of a team who provides a monthly night out for foster parents by watching their kids and filling the evening with fun activities. This is a great way to love kids in difficult situations and the families who care for them. 

Angel Tree

Provide Christmas gifts to children who have an incarcerated parent. Help throw an amazing Christmas party to distribute the gifts. Visit the children and families throughout the year. 

Mentor a Woman in Transition from Prison

Many women end up incarcerated because of lack of positive roll models or people who care. Work with Second Step Housing to mentor women who are currently incarcerated but will be transitioning back into the community soon. Simply having someone who cares to visit can make all the difference.

Homeless Help

Cook a hot meal at the church with a group of friends and then take it to where it's needed most in the community. This group goes out on Friday nights with the possibility of expanding to week day as more volunteers become involved. The group also is in constant needs of warm socks, coats, gloves, hats, blankets, and tents. 

Career Mentoring

Often times people become homeless or impoverished because of a lack of relationships with people who have job and business skills to teach them. Join a network of professionals who are developing a job and life-skills mentoring program for people transitioning from homelessness to stable housing. 

One-Life Food Pantry

One-Life Food Pantry is located at New Hope Foursquare Church in downtown Vancouver.  It serves many working poor in Clark County. Food distribution is on Sunday afternoons.  Volunteers are needed to hang out or do activities with clients while they wait for their turn to shop in the food pantry. Volunteers work on a monthly basis. The pantry would like to expand its services to be open on Tuesday nights to accommodate people who work during the daytime. This would require a team of 12 volunteers each week or 48 new volunteers. Children are welcome to participate.

The Camas Giving Garden is a community garden located at SE 8th Street in Camas across the street from Grace Church.  This garden serves to feed those in need by giving the harvest  to local ministries and outreaches.  There are regular work days every 1st and 3rd Saturday from 9:00am to 12:00pm.  Contact Charis Wiegand for more information or like the Camas Giving Garden on Facebook.