Testimonies : Before and After Rooted

10 weeks ago I was excited to get started, I've been wanting something with more depth.

Today I am so glad for my Rooted experience. As a long time follower of Christ, I was encouraged and strengthened to participate in this experience that so clearly nails done the deep basics of the faith.    Jackie Sayer

10 weeks ago I didn't truly know anyone in my group.
Today I count the other 11 in my group as trusted friends, prayer warriors and family.    Erin Waller

10 weeks ago I trusted too much in my own wealth.

Today I am relying on God's provision.    Matt Spaanem

10 weeks ago I lacked confidence because of the past.

Today I am free in Christ.    Mark Clements.

10 weeks ago I was continually haunted by voices reminding me of a painful past.
Today I hear silence and my mind is filled with peace and joy.    Terri Clements

10 weeks ago I was reluctant to commit more time to God and another church group.

Today I hunger for more with God and my new friends I have come to know and love.    Justin Martinez

10 weeks ago I didn't realize how many layers of fear I really had.

Today I see the Lord working to reveal and strip each layer of fear away. Its uncomfortable but really good.               

                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Anne Spaanem

10 weeks ago I was chained to a stronghold. The door was open for the enemy and he used it freely.It was making me feel unable to make a lasting and deep relationship with my Lord Jesus.

Today I am free. My Rooted brothers prayed for me and Christ slammed that door shut and now I am alive as never before.    Jack Ritter


10 weeks ago I was excited to see what the Lord was going to do in my life.

Today I walk in a new life with a healed heart. Victory's have been won over strongholds in my life.    Kay Ritter


10 weeks ago I was overwhelmed, feeling like this was basic and not going to help me. I was passed being "Rooted"...

Today I am blessed, more connected to God and focused on my family, God's kingdom and growing in my faith.                    Todd Shaw

10 weeks ago I was curious about this thing called Rooted.

Today I am blessed by saying yes. Blessed by a new community to pray with, grow in God with, be accountable to and thankful for.       Daleasha Hall


10 weeks ago I felt unsure and intimidated to share the gospel.

Today I feel empowered and confident to share what Christ has done for me.    Tracie Hoffman


10 weeks ago I felt stuck and discouraged, miles from God.

Today I am restored, and stepping out in faith.    Martin Hoekstra


10 weeks ago the walls of Jericho were around my heart.

Today my walls are gone.    Jenn Bonner


10 weeks ago I carried the baggage of shameful memories, for 50 years.

Today I am finally free and living in forgiveness.    Ann Jendro


10 weeks ago I wondered if God was going to show up ad reveal himself in specific ways.

Today I know he is faithful and speaks/reveals Himself each and everyday, just for me.    Gary Osterhage


10 weeks ago I was praying for the Lord to provide me a group of believers who loved the Lord Jesus with all their heart and soul. So that I would not be alone.

Today I have been blessed with a group who love the Lord and I feel CONNECTED.    Sondi Ross


10 weeks ago I was buried beneath my shame believing that my sin would drive God to turn His face away from me.

Today I am no longer bound by sin and darkness; my chains are gone. I have been resurrected to new life-one of freedom and love and power.    Brianna Abraham


10 weeks ago I wondered what this was all about, what my church was thinking, and if I would fit into this idea?

Today I am volunteering to be a Rooted Facilitator, ready to be a part of what my church is doing. Excited about this real and challenging opportunity.     Aaron Hoffman