Dave + Charmaine McCabe

lead pastor

Dave McCabe grew up in the bay area. That’s bay area with a little “b” for Coos Bay, Oregon. As a senior in high school Dave met Charmaine, the love of his life, at Camp Crestview during a high school winter camp on cold New Years Eve in 1971. They started a long distance relationship as he headed off to LIFE Bible college that next fall. Charmaine arrived at LIFE two years later and they were married after her freshman year. Dave and Charmaine spent their first anniversary moving boxes into an apartment at their first ministry assignment as a staff pastor in Ashland, Oregon. Five years later some disappointments and challenges brought them to a crossroad in their lives. The choice was going into the business world or to a lead pastor position. In their hearts was the dream to go somewhere and live their lives with a community of believers who loved the Lord. Giving ministry one more shot, they headed to Camas to start a new church called Grace. Dave and Charmaine have raised three kids, Annette, Kristen and David and are living their dream loving the people of Grace Church.

Pastors + Staff

  • Les albert

    sports pastor

    Family: Spouse, Tonia. 2 children, Seth and Luke.

    My Favorite Things: Seahawks, lifting weights, kayaking, cycling, coaching and teaching.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: I teach PE and coach football at Camas High School as well as speak occasionally at church and youth service.

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  • Patti brannan

    administrative team

    Responsibilities: Accounting assistance, Records, Administrative assistance

    Family: Spouse, Michael. 2 grown sons, 3 grandchildren.

    My Favorite Things: Hawaii, Mexican food, my grandchildren, garage sales

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: I serve at the Welcome Center and Nursery as well as serving my family.

  • Brittany Campfield

    generation grace team - Pastor

    Responsibilities: Middle and High School Ministry

    My Favorite Things: Tea, crafting, mexican food, decorating, watching movies with the family, playing games, traveling, Pinterest! Favorite vacation spot is anywhere there is sunshine with a pool and a good book. One of my favorite places to eat is Por Que No? 

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: Check in for GKW, decorating for events, announcements for Sunday mornings.

    ​ ​ ​​ ​​ ​

     Generation Grace 

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  • Erica Caudle

    Administration and Grace Kids World - Preschool Coordinator

    Responsibilities: Office Management and administration as well as GKW preschool coordinator

    Family: 4 children, CJ, Gracie, Emma, and Ellie.

    My Favorite Things: Coffee, reading, spending time with family, Jesus.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job:  I have served in my kids school for 10 years, mentor to a few young moms.

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  • Mike Hammond


    Responsibilities: Church Operations. I get to deal with nerdy stuff and sometimes get my creative on. That can look like anything from dealing with budgets to creating videos to partnering with the Grace staff to lead the Grace family as best as we can. I get to work with a fun and passionate team who loves Jesus and loves the church.

    Family: Spouse, Annette.  1 daughter, Ahlem.

    My Favorite Things: My wife and kiddo (not cliche! really they make me grow as a husband, father and follower of Jesus), sports, music, graphic design, video, photography, teaching, traveling, different cultures, and good food!

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: Anything community related, lunch buddies, backpack project, mentoring. Anything ministry related, going to camps, shooting video, teaching, serving any way I can.

  • Linda Hawker

    Rooted and small Groups

    Responsibilities: . Rooted implementation and training, small group development, Rooted prayer teams, and the implementation of the Rooted Rhythms in Grace Church.

    Family: Spouse, Malcolm. 3 children, Rebecca, Amy and Micah.

    My Favorite Things: My family, beaches, hot weather, water sports, exploring the trails and forests of the Pacific North West, crocheting, painting and creating home made anything I can.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: Local Outreach, and free coffee.

  • scott jones

    executive pastor

    More information coming soon.

  • Michael lehman


    More information coming soon.

  • Kaye Looney

    Grace Ladies Pastor

    Responsibilities: I oversee Grace Ladies Team (Women’s Ministries at Grace), also mentor women, meet with women one on one for encouragement, support, and prayer, lead a table at Grace Ladies Thursday morning study, and train leaders.

    Family: Spouse, Tony. 2 grown children, Rachel and Jon.

    My Favorite Things: Reading, shopping (especially home decor), ice cream, Valerie's for breakfast (restaurant in Vancouver), driving through Oregon and northern California.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: I teach 4th grade in Grace Kids World, hear and help assess Senior Projects at Camas High School in the Spring.

  • Whitney Martinez

    Grace kids world - elementary coordinator

    Responsibilities: Help run Elementary Kids Church, Schedule volunteers, assist in classroom management, edit curriculum

    Family: Spouse, Justin.   2 daughters, Ember and Iris.

    My Favorite Things: Family time, coffee, going to the movies, spending time with friends.


  • annette mccabe

    outreach pastor

    Responsibilities: Outreach, church and community engagement.

    Family: Spouse: Mike Hammond.  Daughter: Ahlem.

    My Favorite Things:  The trails around Lacamas, our animal menagerie, baking from scratch, reading, and skype or viber for keeping in touch with people all over the globe.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job:  On the board of the Center and Library for the Bible and Social Justice. Refugee buddy at Lutheran Community Services and volunteer with the Backpack Home Project in Camas.

  • Charmaine mccabe

    administrative team - purchaser

    Responsibilities: I do the purchasing for the pastors and various ministries at Grace.

    Family: Spouse: Dave.  3 grown children, Annette, Kristen, and David.  2 grandchildren.

    My Favorite Things: I like antiques and enjoy reselling them. For recreation I take long walks with Dave.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: I serve in the nursery at Grace.  It's my personal goal to keep every baby happy so the moms can enjoy the services.

  • dave mccabe

    lead pastor

    Responsibilities: Lead Pastor - love, care and feed the sheep.

    Family: Spouse: Charmaine. 3 grown children, Annette, Kristen, and David.  2 grandchildren.

    My Favorite Things: I like taking long walks with my wife and playing golf. Being with people.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: Overseeing and work with the Foursquare pastors who are in Southwest Washington.

  • danielle neumann

    book keeping

    More information coming soon.

  • Daniel Osterhage

    Generation Grace Team - Pastor

    Responsibilities: Middle and High School ministry.

    Favorite Things: I love Movies, Board Game nights with friends, spending time with family, food, Spike ball, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball, Fishing, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Timbers, Portland Trail Blazers, Legos, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Batman, and The Office. 

    Serving Outside of my Ministry Job: I am a young men small group leader and help wherever I am needed.

    ​  ​ ​

     Generation Grace 

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  • marni osterhage

    grace kids world pastor

    Responsibilities: pastor our kids from birth through 5th grade

    Family: Spouse, Gary. 2 children, Daniel and Amy.

    My Favorite Things:  Hiking/walking Northwest trails, reading (both fiction and nonfiction), spending time with my family and friends, the beach, a good cup of tea, great worship

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: Women’s Ministry Group leader, Grace Group leader

    Grace Kids World

  • joshua son

    worship + Arts pastor

    Responsibilities: Worship + Arts teams

    Family: Spouse, Ariel. 1 daughter, Naomi.

    My Favorite Things: I enjoy surfing, swimming, and running. I love to play guitar and sing songs to my daughter. I love to eat sushi. My wife and I enjoy watching movies together. 

  • Vern waller

    facilities manager

    Responsibilities: Oversee the functionality and aesthetics of the church building and properties.

    Family: Spouse, Kim.   2 grown children, Joey and Kelly.  5 grandchild.

    My Favorite Things: The bride of my youth, I'm crazy about her. Visits with my kids and grandkids. Golf, playing guitar, apologetics, pinochle, tennis, yelling at the Seattle Mariners from 150 miles away, and I'm a foodie.

    Serving Outside of My Ministry/Job: By making a conscious, intentional effort to make the most of every opportunity.